//Bit of a teaser trailer for the upcoming thread between Custy, Tenth, Michelle, Jamie, and the Interfector.

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// just checking, no pressure, but did you ever receive a follow-up ask from the tipsy girl at the bar whose boyfriend got too drunk and forgot about her for the night, or is it perhaps not interesting? If it's the latter, I totally understand, no worries!

//Oh dear, I haven’t gotten anything from you! I was beginning to wonder if Tumblr had just eaten it, I’m so, so sorry! Do resend if you can, lovely <3

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His grip on her breast was unbearably tight and she knew that she would find bruises there later. "Don't... Don't do this to me, not again," she begged smally. "You have no right to do this." But even as she spoke, her fingers fumbled nervously with the button and zipper on her jeans. She knew that he had ordered her to remove her pants, but she couldn't bring herself to take them off. "Please let me go."

As she halted her progress in removing her pants, the Interfector spread his fingers about her breast once more before digging them into the flesh there sharply and with a large force.

"Do it or I will break every single one of your fucking fingers. Bone. By. Bone.

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I’m well aware I’m a danger to myself;
are you aware I’m a danger to others?
There’s a crack in my soul
you thought was a smile.
— "Leave A Scar" - Marilyn Manson (via maskcomesundone)
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Why would a Time Lord be a weapon? Well, they’ve seen you.

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Interfector, My dad's giving the company to Eric, he can't do that! HE'S A BAD BAD MAN!

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Hello, sexy ;).

Finally— a greeting I can enjoy and agree with.

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Custy and the Interfector

Originally meant to be a drawing, but I figured out some cool tools in Photoshop today, so ta-da! Enjoy!

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Interfector, you may see flaws in the Doctor, but so does he. At least he doesn't let it keep him back from doing what's right and needed. You are just a COWARD... and one day you are going to man up. And hopefully be the Doctor again.

And you believe the Doctor is never a coward? He is nothing but a coward. He is weak and naive, fleeing from the truth of what he really is. I will never become that man again. Never.

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