+ Time Is Up +


The Doctor paused for a second, realizing he wasn’t entirely sure how to answer that. Where was the TARDIS parked anyway? His mind was so entirely distracted that he couldn’t remember for the life of him.


His gaze shifted over to the monitor for a moment. 

                                                                —Oh. That’s right…

"Krennos. The time is the 1st of September… 5490. You should have the coordinates already. Same place when we came here in our sixth incarnation, I’m sure you remember." he replied, an air of distraction in his voice as he opened the doors to the TARDIS, placing the entrapment unit just outside the entrance.

Loose, red sand covered the area in masses, so it wasn’t difficult at all to have it covered and hidden completely from view within seconds— the breeze that blew about helped in making the sand look untampered with. He wouldn’t notice a thing. He was certain of it.

                                 This was going to work.

                                                    It absolutely had to.

The moment the destination left the Doctor’s mouth, the Interfector was inputting it into his TARDIS, setting her into motion shortly after. Another smile threatened at the corner of his lips, something akin to excitement coursing through his body. It was the excitement to feel the rush of victory. Even if it was feigned. It would always be enough for him.

Without bothering to reply, the Interfector hung up, feeling the TARDIS land just moments later. His gun and knife were squared away safely within his jacket, he made sure of that. 

The only downside being that his ring was still recharging its supply of huon particles. No matter, he was sure he wouldn’t be needing it. His TARDIS would surely be close at hand.

The Interfector made his way to the doors, straightening his bow tie as he did so, and swung a single door inward. Stepping out into the relatively bare land, he spotted his younger form across the way, just within his TARDIS. His TARDIS that was open.

"Inviting me in, are you,” the Interfector asked as he came closer to the other man’s TARDIS, a bit surprised at the fact he would allow him onto his ship at all. Then again, perhaps it was just another way to show him how desperate he was. That which the Interfector could take a small pleasure from in and of itself.

"To be honest, I expected a little more of a welcome. Perhaps something a bit more festive,” with each slow step, he grew closer to the younger man. “Go on and smile, you must be terribly excited to see me again.”




           ❝Oh, look, it’s my evil twin. Brilliant, really.

         ❝And oh, look, it is the foolish man who still believes he can always be the hero. 
              How pathetic.

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   ”Now this is interesting.”

         ”—Who the hell are you.”

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+ Time Is Up +



The Doctor had almost forgotten how entirely obnoxious the Interfector was. So bloody arrogant that he could hardly stand carrying on with the conversation. It was worth it though, he supposed. Knowing he was only minutes away to seeing absolute panic in his twisted, maniacal gaze brought him just as much joy as what was to follow afterwards.

Would he still be so arrogant when he could no longer move freely? Would he still make his pathetic little threats then? When no gun nor blade would work to aid him in the slightest? Ohhh, the curiosity of it all only fueled his excitement further.

"If that’s really what you want, then fine… As long as she returns safely I don’t care what happens to me…” he threw in some more dramatics, knowing just how much the Interfector fed off of it.

"Her and I were finally…. happy. Even after everything you did… everything you put us through…. Why….. why can’t you just leave us alone?” the act was so convincing even he would have fallen for it if he hadn’t known better.

Stepping back into the console room, he began plotting his set-up as he waited for the older man’s, no doubt, vivid reply.

As much as the Interfector enjoyed to hear just how much damage he’d caused the younger man, he was growing anxious. Anxious and perhaps impatient.

"Save your fucking sob story for someone who cares to hear it," the Interfector snapped. He now stood perfectly still, one hand poised along the console, the other pressing the phone firmly against his ear. Despite how rigid he remained, he was always ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

"Where. When. Tell me now,” he sharply demanded. “I will not wait all day, Doctor.

+ Time Is Up +


The Doctor had to actually work to not laugh out loud. Was he really being serious right now? 

"I’m sorry— are you attempting to imply that she came to you willingly? Really!? That’s what you’re saying!?”

He paused momentarily as he realized the irony of the question. Technically, she did precisely that. She did go to him willingly…. even if it was with his future. An idea that should have been laughable was the truth..

And it made him sick.

Pushing the thoughts aside, he continued on reluctantly, “Just tell me what you want. We can meet and talk about this properly.. Please…” he trailed off, lifting the device from the metal counter top and stepping back into the corridor.


"Just stop with these games, Interfector… if you want me to beg… I’ll beg. I’ll do anything..” At the very least, he was glad this act of his was working as intended so far.

Oh, this was an opportunity that the Interfector was glad he didn’t let pass. Just how long could he play this? He was a terribly good actor, after all. Not many called his bluff so easily. Passing up this chance would be a mistake.

Besides, he was planning on dropping in for a little visit anyhow. This just made the deal even sweeter.

"It is funny you mention meeting up,” he quipped in a strangely warm way. “I was going to grace you with my presence very soon. Even sooner now, it would seem.”

Moving over to the console, he began preparing his TARDIS for take off, the cold silver metal running beneath his fingers with each movement. “I wouldn’t mind seeing you on your knees, begging once more. It was quite pleasant the last time. I’m sure it will be even more so now. The Doctor, pathetically on the ground where he belongs.

He couldn’t stop the murmur of a chuckle from vibrating his throat, “I will be generous and let you choose the destination. But no funny business. Else I will make sure whoever’s left on your TARDIS pays the price.


//I dunno, really. Quite lost myself. Suppose we’ll just have to find out together. won’t weeee? <3