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Don't you realize going after your future form with intent to harm him is the stupidest thing ever? It's still you. You'd be killing yourself.

I would rather die than be known as the Doctor again, so believe me, I am doing him— no, myself a favor.

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breathe in your dust;;


[ —-;  The sheer ice of the void nestles somewhere within her.
              Burying itself within the blonde as it did every single 
              time she hurled herself from one world to the next. Do
              this enough & she would surely turn to stone, she thinks.
              & perhaps the fact that the thought of loosing herself in 
              her mission to find the Doctor, did not faze or deter 
              was a sign that it was already beginning to occur…

              Oh but she already knew she had hardened. Blimey,
              it was the only way she could cope with the crippling 
              grief that came hand in hand with being banished from
              her own universe— from being ripped apart from him.
              How else would she make this journey end?

              She had invested every little, tiny, piece of hope she had
              retained into the dimension canon, & after 6 attempts at
              finding him her determination had neither wavered nor
              faded. Unlike the stars that seemed to lessen & lessen in
              the sky every night. 

                          — ❀ —  —

As of right now, however, the stars could have blanketed 
the nights sky entirely or ceased to exist & she wouldn’t
have noticed, Soddin’ hell, a million worlds at the cusp
of birth could not have dragged her away from the blue
box her legs were mercilessly carrying her too. With her
heart clambering frantically in her chest & her key clutched
desperately in her hand as she turns it into the lock of the
TARDIS— which takes quite a bit of bloody effort— as if it
hadn’t been used in a long time. But what her gaze lands  
on when she opens the door has the blood rushing from 
her cheeks completely. — —  It was all foreign. 
What had… happened to the TARDIS?


            ❝         — Doctor…?  

                  At first, upon hearing the sounds of something
                  jiggling and rustling at the metal lock of the
                  TARDIS door, the Time Lord had believed that
                  someone was simply trying their damnedest to
                  break into this little blue box.

                           Although, it wasn’t quite as blue as it used to be—
                           the paint peeled and chipped, revealing a duller
                           aching sort of blue that longed for its former glory.
                           Nonetheless, the Interfector wouldn’t be having any
                           of it. If some bloody human thought they were going
                           to be breaking into his ship as they pleased, they
                           were signing the deal of a death wish he would gladly deliver.

                           But then came what wasn’t expected.
                           The door unlocked, creaked, opened,
                           and a blonde figure came bursting within.
                           It took only a split second for him to recognize
                           the woman, her form burned onto his memories
                           as if they were a fire brand. Many years he’d
                           put into trying to wash her away from him
                           and it was all to no avail. And seeing her
                           now, oh did the fire become rekindled into
                           a hatred and utter loathing.

          Rose Tyler, the woman he’d sought to
          forget, was now standing in his TARDIS,
          having burst in without so much as a knock,
          and she dared to say that name? She had
          the  a u d a c i t y?  The fire grew tenfold. This day, 
          for hearing that damn name upon those lips, 
          was too soon. He’d been betting on an eternity
          for not hearing that name in that exact way.
          Even then would’ve been far too soon.

                    Slowly and with precise measure, the Interfector
                    approached closer, feeling a deeply rooted hatred
                    fueling the quieted fervor of his voice,

                          ❝ N E V E R say that name again, Rose Tyler.
                                                            Or I will cut your tongue out. 

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"You really dug yourself a hole, didn't you, Doctor?" -askxmissy

Do not call me the Doctor,” he snapped, venom crawling throughout his tone. Already he could tell that he wouldn’t enjoy the presence of this woman one bit. Her voice was already too much as it was. ”I am the Interfector. Now who the hell are you.”

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is the "time is up" thread over!?

//Ahaha yep yep, that thread’s done. Terrible cliffhanger, I know. Don’t worry though, the plot will continue in another thread once the two threads between Custy and Michelle are finished up c:


                                                              I’m not a hero
                                                            I’m not a { savior }
                                                      ғᴏʀɢᴇᴛ ᴡʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴋɴᴏᴡ

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Don't you ever get lonely always travelling by yourself?

I do not need anyone. Only myself.

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Tef and Custy have met already?! I missed that!

//Yepp it was quite a while ago though and Interfector had thought it was just Tenth regenerated.

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Doctor who?

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+ Time Is Up +


Pain surged throughout his entirety as the Interfector’s fist connected with his face, and he hissed as blood dripped in a steady stream from the left side of his mouth. What the hell was he supposed to do now? Telling him would compromise Michelle’s safety… and Jamie’s. But not telling him.. he couldn’t allow him to kill Dawn. Even in the state she was in now, there was still that small chance that she might wake up one day.

"Okay, okay! Just stop!" he swallowed thickly, tears mixing with blood as he continued on, "That sonic is his. I took it from him not long ago after—"

He closed his eyes for a moment, not desiring to go into that territory in the slightest, “Never mind. Just— yes. It’s his.” he opened his eyes again, “But listen to me! Just listen! There’s no point in going after him! There’s a very good chance he could still turn right back into you, isn’t that right?”


He never thought he’d be pleading for his future self’s life like this. It was ironic, but it was only to protect Michelle and Jamie. He couldn’t let this happen… He’d already screwed up enough.

"So leave him! Just let him be! There’s no point in you two meeting, not now!”’

That was more like it. So it was as he suspected, the sonic belonged to his older self. It would be easy to track down his particular TARDIS with this screwdriver. The Interfector would find him and kill him. And, if he felt so inclined to, Michelle as well.

After just another moment of silence, the Interfector pulled the gun away from Dawn’s forehead, replacing it within his jacket along with the sonic. Slowly, the Interfector crouched down more properly, giving the Doctor a fake, pleasant smile.

"I think we have learned a lesson today, Doctor,” his voice was untouched by even the fake smile, instead it was chilling, flat, and quiet. Reaching forward, the Interfector gripped Dawn’s chin and forced her unconscious features to face directly up at the Doctor. “Caring too much is exactly what did this. Look at where it has gotten you. Look at her face and remember: this was all your fault.

Suddenly, his fake smile fell, “Be grateful I do not just rape Dawn all over again right now. Now if you will excuse me,” he paused, dropping Dawn’s face and stepping past them and out the door, being mindful not to step on the containment cell again as he continued toward his own TARDIS.

                          ”—I have somewhere to be.”

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